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Getting Started

Welcome to PHP Web Development with MySQL! In this course, your development will be done in a cloud based environment called NetLab where you will be using a Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) stack to develop your PHP/MySQL based applications. What I like about this environment is, for my online students, it gives me the ability to log into your session with you to do live debugging as if we were sitting in the classroom together. The Linux Operating System (OS) we will be using is Ubuntu.

In this Getting Started page, I will cover:

  • Logging into the NetLab development environment
  • Navigating the Ubuntu LAMP Development Environment
  • Backing up your files in the NetLab Ubuntu Development Environment to your MS OneDrive
  • An Introduction to the Course that covers:
    • The Blackboard Site
    • The Lecture Notes Site
    • The Syllabus
    • Slack

Please watch all of the following 4 screencasts, as this will cover everything you need to get started and be successful in this course.

Again, welcome to PHP Web Development with MySQL!

Our LAMPs Development Environment

Screen Cast – Logging into NetLab Dev Environment

Screen Cast - Navigating the Ubuntu LAMP Development Environment

Screen Cast - Backing up Files in NetLab Ubuntu Dev Environment to MS OneDrive

Introduction to the Course

Screen Cast - Intro to Course (Blackboard site, Lecture Notes Site, Syllabus, Slack)