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Lab - Week 12

Book Exercises

Complete the following exercises in chapter 24:

  • Chapter 24:
    • 1: Create navmenu.php script with Navbar logic and add it to the required pages
      • 1: Display logged in user's name in the navbar, next to the Login link
    • 1: Add the Add Movie link that only admin users can see and use
      • 1: Confirm admin users can see the link
      • 2: Confirm regular site users do not see the link

Lab Testing Requirements

  • Include screenshots of forms with entered data and screenshots of output to webpage

Lab Submission

  • Complete all of your labs in your labs/week12 folder
  • Dump your database (either using the MySQL CLI or Adminer) and save it to your labs/week12 folder
  • Test all of your code and include your screenshots in a folder called: labs/week12/screenshots
  • Compress your labs/week12 folder with your completed labs and dumped database and submit it to Blackboard