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Project 1

Mad Libs

  • Total Points: 25
  • Due: Week 5 (Friday by 11:59pm)



Mad libs are a simple game where you create a story template with blanks for words. You, or another player, then construct a list of words and place them into the story, creating an often silly or funny story as a result. Create a simple mad-lib webpage that prompts for a noun, a verb, an adverb, and an adjective and injects those into a story that you create and outputs it below the input boxes and saves the the inputs and generated story to the database. Then displays all the completed stories below in order of newest to oldest.

Sample Output (Make up your own story)


  • Create a folder called projects/project1 in your php_course_work folder
  • Code a solution to the problem, keeping all code in your project1 folder
  • Remember to make frequent backups

Grading Rubric

  • The project must meet the Coding Standards
  • The project must run (no errors, and must produce output.) If there are compilation errors or no output, you must fix it before it can be graded
  • If there is output, but not all objectives are met from the project, points will be removed for each missing or incorrect item
    • The database must store the noun, verb, adjective, adverb and completed story
    • The completed stories must be displayed newest to oldest
    • You must make up your own story (don't use the one in the example).
    • The page must have some styled elements

Submission Instructions

  • Show your instructor your completed solution for signoff (Face to face class)
  • Create screenshots of stories you enter into the form and completed stories output
  • Dump your database into the projects/project1/ directory using mysqldump
  • Compress your projects/project1/ directory and submit to Blackboard