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Project 4

Final Individual Application

  • Total Points: 45
  • Presentations Due: Week 15 (Friday by 11:59pm)



Using anything you learned this semester, create a PHP application applying what you learned. The world is your oyster! You will be demonstrating your project the week before final exams in class. Your grade will be based on the following:

  • Having a completed and running PHP application
  • Demonstrating the application in a web browser to the class
  • Walking through the project code with the class, sharing what you learned and any struggles you had
  • You will have 10 minutes total for your presentation

Online, Hybrid, and Flipped Classes

You will be creating a screencast where you will demonstrate your running application, walk through the code, and share what you learned.

The screencast should be at least 5 minutes long, but no longer than 10 minutes.

You will upload your screencast to YouTube and provide a link in the #final_projects channel of our Slack team.

Watch these instructions on how to create a screencast and upload it to YouTube.


  • Your application must be styled, use something like bootstrap or a pre-built theme.
  • Your application must have a database that stores information, and reports it back to the user of your application (consider using an HTML table)
  • Your application should allow any user to use it without a password, however you are free to require individual user logins as well
  • Your application should provide admin capability (through a password) for deleting (or modifying) entries
  • You MUST get the instructor’s approval/signoff for your project prior to your presentation by the end of Week 13

NOTE: When coming up with an idea for your final project, maybe think about some of the hobbies you have. For example, if you like collecting certain things, create a web application that shows that off. Or, if you like painting or art, create an application that shows off your art. The point is, you should be spending a good chunk of time working on this project, so you want to create an application centered around something that is interesting to you and will keep you motivated.


  • Create a folder called projects/project04 in your php_course_work folder
  • Code a solution to the problem, keeping all code in your project04 folder
  • Remember to make frequent backups

Grading Rubric

  • The project must meet the Coding Standards
  • The project must run (no errors, and must produce output.) If there are compilation errors or no output, you must fix it before it can be graded
  • If there is output, but not all objectives are met from the project, points will be removed for each missing or incorrect item
  • The database should store all entries
  • Participation in peer feedback for all fellow student presentation (10 points)
  • NOTE: In order to pass the class you must complete this final project with a 'C' or better

Submission Instructions

  • Demonstrate your project and walk through the code in front of the class within the 10 minute time limit (Face to face class)
  • or demonstrate your project and walk through the source code in a screencast within the 10 minute time limit (Online/Hybrid)
  • Dump your database into the projects/project4/ directory using mysqldump
  • Compress your projects/project4/ directory (including your database dump) and submit to Blackboard

For Online, Hybrid, and Flipped Classes

  • Upload your screencast of your Final Project Demonstration to YouTube
  • Post the YouTube link to your Final Project Demonstration in the #final_projects channel in our Slack Team
  • Reply to at least two other students' Slack posts of their final project demonstrations
  • Include the YouTube link of your final project demonstration in your submission to Blackboard