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Project 2

Blogging Application

  • Total Points: 25
  • Due: Week 9 (Friday by 11:59pm)


We need a blog to share our learnings and increase our marketability. Create a blog system that allows you to write posts, set a title and date them. Create a database to store each post (title, date, and post). Also create a web interface to administer the blog. This administrative interface should be password protected in some way and include the ability to edit and delete the posts.


  • The blog must be styled, use something like bootstrap or a pre-built theme
  • It is not acceptable to use an already built blogging engine.

Going Beyond

  • To really push yourself find a javascript or CSS plugin that styles code examples many of them will just require you to put in <pre> to start your code sample and </pre> to end it
  • Add a WYSIWYG editor to your admin interface for the blog entries


  • Create a folder called projects/project2 in your php_course_work folder
  • Code a solution to the problem, keeping all code in your project2 folder
  • Remember to make frequent backups

Grading Rubric

  • The project must meet the Coding Standards
  • The project must run (no errors, and must produce output.) If there are compilation errors or no output, you must fix it before it can be graded
  • If there is output, but not all objectives are met from the project, points will be removed for each missing or incorrect item
  • The database must store the blog entries
  • The project must have the following features:
    • Display blog entries
    • Add a blog entry
    • Have password protected administration which includes the ability to:
      • Edit blog entries
      • Delete blog entries

Submission Instructions

  • Show your instructor your completed solution for signoff (Face to face class)
  • Create screenshots of stories you enter into the form and completed stories output
  • Dump your database into the projects/project2/ directory using mysqldump
  • Compress your projects/project2/ directory (including your database dump) and submit to Blackboard